City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Counsellor & Consultant

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: To create a shift and difference in peoples lives, through my story and experience. People deserve the opportunity to see the world different and my story may help them with that.

Luke Papallo is a Counsellor, Consultant and Director of Papallo Brothers, a business designed in assisting established business owners change their behaviours to increase productivity and personal fulfilment. Luke has conducted over 1300 one on one sessions, written numerous articles on human potential and has read over 2000 hours of business, psychological and well-being material. Luke also counsels for the Australian Foundation for Disability, assisting clients towards changing their mindset in obtaining, maintaining and sustaining employment. Luke’s 6 years of experience in business, psychology and well-being have been significantly accelerated, therefore giving himself and his client’s constant updated material and methodologies. Seen as someone with extreme presence, knowledge and understanding, Luke is on a mission to change business owner’s behaviours for more personal and professional fulfilment. Luke can be contact at or 0423 299 428

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