City: Perth

Country: Australia

Profession: Life, Energy and Soul Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I learned about the project through Emily Gowor, she shared her vision with me of wanting to collaboratively create a book of inspirational messages and stories to uplift the reader. At a time when we are bombarded with negativity about the world and us in it, it is essential that we are reminded of the beauty of humanity and the power that resides in each of us. The Inspiration Bible does this.

Mandi is a Healer and Transformational Coach empowering individuals to conscious awareness and presence. Born with the gift of healing Mandi is able to detect blockages and negative energy patterns within the body’s energy field and chakras, and channel healing energy through her body and out of her hands, restoring the natural flow of energy in the body. As a medium and psychic Mandi communicates and works with spirit, is able to see the origin of present life wounds, blockages and limitations as presented by spirit during healing sessions. She also connects with friends and family in spirit and quite often animal friends pop in for a visit too. Mandi has worked closely with the British Medical Association bringing healing to patients within hospitals and hospices, and provides healing and comfort for people in transition from this world to the next. The focus of her work is to awaken individuals to their Divine Self, so that they may experience their true nature which is one of innate wisdom, pure potentiality, connection, well-being and love, and from this, experience and create a more meaningful life.

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