City: Bendigo

Country: Australia

Profession: Chiropractor

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: After participating in the 30 day book challenge with Emily, I received the “Inspirational Messenger” that resonated with me. I sent an email to Emily and through her encouragement, I became part of the project.

Marc Frochot is a chiropractor who came from France to Australia in 1976 to study chiropractic in Melbourne. After five years of studies, he graduated and his path took him to Northern Victoria where he met his soul mate (Tracey) in 1983. Marc knows that as well as having a spine free of nervous interference, a body requires regular exercise and proper food. He started to run in his mid 40s on a regular basis. Soon he entered diverse fun runs, small triathlons and half marathons. At 60 he started to do karate, kyokushin style and he is presently preparing for his black tag. At 62, Marc ran his first marathon and he is presently preparing for his 3rd one hoping to finish in less than 4 hours. He recently registered for the Melbourne Eureka Tower climb with 1684 steps to the top. Marc’s other interest in life is food as he was a French chef prior to coming to this country; he has always believed in diversity and moderation. As a chiropractor, Marc’s main technique is Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) a gentle approach in correcting interference to the nervous system. He is a life member of SOTO Australasia.

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