Age: 45

City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Forensic Healer/ Spiritual teacher/ Speaker/Mentor

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I have joined this amazing project to be able to share part of my story. To be able to help you to see if I can grow from my experiences anyone can. Yo be able to be a part of 364 other contributors there has to be magic in that. Humanity is huge and to spread a small part of my story with others makes my fire in my belly keep burning. :-)

Margaret Ioannidis is a Forensic healer,Mentor, Reiki Master, Hand analysis/ Speaker/ Goddess play shop Facilitator/ spiritual teacher. Coming from a childhood that felt alone and did everything to fit in, then to loose her parents within 9 months, and go down so many roads and experience so many life lessons. Margaret changed her life. It all changed when fell pregnant for the 1st time nearly lost her child. For the last 13 years Margaret has been in the alternative field and has a passion and a huge knack in helping clients including men and children shift and clearing emotions that are holding you back. Margaret gives you unconditional love and you walk away feeling that anything is possible. Its true anything is possible. You feel supported, nurtured, refreshed and back on track.

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