City: Turramurra

Country: Australia

Profession: Management Consultant

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: So much of my journey has been easy as I built a life around my core talent – my intellect. The early part of my life was not easy because I was viewed as a weakling in a man’s world; as a nerd; as an intellect. Being rubbish at sport did not help. Over time I have found my sporting niche too – I can ride a bicycle further than most. My cycling story inspires other people to take charge of their health and to ride

I am Mark Carrington. I have qualifications in law, accounting and business administration and a stellar track record as a management consultant spanning 30 years and 5 continents and 25 countries. In that time I served clients in a wide range of industries from airlines to travel companies to banks to credit card issuers to utility companies to government departments to breweries to food manufacturers and more. I helped my clients build new businesses, enter new markets, reduce costs, restructure organisations, design IT architectures, redesign business processes and build eCommerce businesses. I have seen a lot and done a lot and seen some amazing success. Who is Mark Carrington really? • Entrepreneur who built and sold a multimillion dollar business. • IT geek who really understands the power of IT for business and making money • Mentor and coach especially to young people • Published author • Seasoned investor in forex, commodities, equities, options and interest rates • Rubbish at property investment • Financially independent at 45. • Passionate cyclist – 7 trips across Australia. Over 50,000 kms by bicycle since 2000 • Home cooking hero • Natural health aficionado • Father of 3 amazing children • Recluse • Citizen of the world – lived in 4 countries to date What do I really excel at? Generating business ideas and helping people realize (breathe) their dreams

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