City: Frisco

Country: USA

Profession: Entrepreneur

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I saw an opportunity to work with some great people and help others in my lifetime. To become a part of something that will change lives. And Emily Gowor, a friend, there is nothing I will not do for this talented, loving, and inspirational person. That said, how could I not become a co-author to change lives all across the globe.

Consider myself as a Jack of all trades! I provide an invaluable service, not much I can’t do or won’t do! I love everyone, I try to help all that I can. I am the CEO of Mobile Lift Off, Co-Founder of Kilroy’s Legacy (non-profit), Co-Host of Kilroy’s Conversation radio show, and Co-Author of The Inspirational Bible. If you put your heart and mind in you, then you have the tools to make your dream & goals come true. I am proud to be of service and help our Veterans! I work with some of the best people in their industry, it’s my honor! Always on the move helping others, I dare you to follow me!

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