City: Adelaide

Country: Australia

Profession: Poet, Writer, Clinical Hypnotist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Sometimes, either through adversity, grief, or muddled thoughts, our fears deceive us, convincing us that we stand alone. We are mistaken. We are one – all of us made from the same fabric of the Universe. Our lives, like threads are interwoven and as such we are essential, we matter and we are each divine. When we reach out and serve others though sharing our stories & knowledge, our creations, our actions, our prayers and our love, we liberate others and ourselves from fear. Through love and unity we strengthen the bonds that connect all humanity. Each time we touch a heart it has a ripple on effect to inspire others to do the same. The ‘Inspiration Bible’ is an opportunity to unite and reach out to others. I am grateful to be part of this inspirational project that will touch hearts and inspire many. What a blessing!

Mary is a poet, a writer and a seeker. She believes we are all divine gifts that have been gifted to each other. (Some gifts having just a little more wrapping than others). She believes that all deeds done with love be they vast or small transform us into our most brilliant and magnificent selves, for either a moment or a lifetime. They touch the hearts of others, inspiring and encouraging them to do the same. Mary’s journey is to reach out and inspire others to see their own brilliance, to know that they are loved, that they are never alone and that they matter and through reaching out through service and deeds of love they can be transformed, inspiring others to do the same.