City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Aspiring Entrepreneur and Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: When Emily first asked me to become part of the inspiration bible there was an instant yes in my unconsious, who wouldn’t like to inspire others and be part of such a magnificent project! Then my consious thinking and the “tall poppy syndrome” took over and I questioned whether there was something I could share that would be of inspirational value to the reader – am I an inspiration to others and how do I choose words to share that what would make the reader feel the inspiration I feel? I then realised, whether this happens or not is not the point, the point is the magnificent opportunity to be part of something greater, as it is not the individual stories on their own that matter as much as the coming together of all the individual stories to one greater whole.

Having experienced what it is like to just follow a fun idea and jump on it – to buy a one-way ticket, move to the other side of the world alone, starting from scratch, without any security for “success” – Mia knows the highs and lows of what “soul searching” can feel like. Not feeling fulfilled living a nine-to-five life, worrying if there is an option to live in any other way, she found small sparks of inspiration here and there as confirmation of that there could be other options to live a more fulfilled life. By asking the right questions and choosing to follow what feelt right for her and inspired her, she started practicing neurolinguistic programming as well as different more evolved versions of these tools and techniques. Recognising the endless power each one of us have within us to choose new options to the way we live our lives and experience ourselves in new ways, Mia now chooses to also coach and mentor women. Her passion is to serve in a way which assist more women to find their inner beauty and drive so they can shine their light around them. Typically her clients are young women who feel stuck, she helps them feel inspired and to connect with their inner beauty to live a life in line with their heart.

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