City: Forestdale, MA

Country: United States

Profession: Hypnotherapist, Author, Teacher

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: My personal mission statement for the past 15+ years has been: I facilitate and inspire transformation to one’s True Self in mind, body and spirit. Inspiring people to release what’s not true – and step into what is their Truth – is what I do on a daily basis. It’s my passion and my Soul’s calling to help others improve the quality of their life and become aware of their Light. I have been blessed to have been inspired by so many and it’s an honor to pass on inspiration, to keep it all flowing. It’s exciting to be part of this worldwide project.

I have my master’s degree in counseling, am a certified clinical hypnotherapist, trained clairvoyant, teacher, and author of Your Life’s Calling: Getting Unstuck and Fulfilling Your Life Lessons. I became acquainted with limiting belief systems and how to change them in 1980. A few years later I learned about the Soul’s journey through other lives and the afterlife. I’m grateful to make a living doing my Soul’s calling, which is to help people shed the weight of their limiting thinking, understand their immortal nature and journey, and step into the lightness of a higher quality of life.

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