City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Transformational Intuitive Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: My mission is to inspire 10 million people to be self aware individuals, living on purpose and evolving into inspirational change makers. We are all born as originals yet most people die as copies. I feel that this project is an opportunity for people to feel inspired to bring out their authentic self that comes from the heart and to show the world their gifts, talents & uniqueness. When we are all playing the instruments we were born to play, a beautiful harmony endures for each and everyone of us on planet earth.

I support conscious entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate refugees who have seeds of untapped inspiration deep within their heart, to nurture and give birth to a powerful vision that you were born to fulfil. I support individuals on the self aware leadership journey of empowerment, moving from confusion to clarity, from limitation to possibility and aligning all aspects of your being. Your alignment creates flow and results for yourself and the beautiful people you serve and touch moment to moment in your life.

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