City: Adelaide

Country: Australia

Profession: MMA Fitness Trainer & 5 things – BODY coach.

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I became part of the Inspiration Bible project to be part of an inspiring community of inspiring people whose heart it is to inspire others through whatever they are going through at this time in their lives. The idea of 365 days of inspiration, motivation, empowerment and the belief that whatever people are going through right now, someone has overcame it and that they will get through it, too is a very powerful message for people to read.

I help women to overcome their biggest weight loss challenges to wear the dress size they love to wear whilst feeling happier and more confident about themselves and their bodies. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, MMA (mixed martial arts) Fitness Trainer and 5 things – BODY Coach as well as having a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology and Women’s studies. I went from wearing a size 14 black dress pants feeling unhappy about myself, my body and my lifestyle to wearing a size 10 black dress pant and feeling good about myself and my body within a few weeks. It was not about my diet, spending long hours at gym or taking meal replacements it was about doing the 5 things – BODY 5 step process that helped me to release my two dress sizes and gain happiness and confidence within myself and my body.

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