Age: 52

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Profession: Voice facilitator and kirtan leader

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I became a part of the inspiration Bible because of Emily Gowor who is already my writing mentor and future publisher.She invited me to contribute to this book and I was an immediate yes to her invitation because I believe in in he and what she is bringing to the world in building a platform through writing for authentic and truthful voices to be expressed.I find her vision refreshing and something that i am extremely happy to be a part of.

Nikki’s quest in the world is to unite the world in sound vibration through the power of chanting.I am passionate about the core voice of all people being fully and radiantly expressed She dedicates her life to bringing peoples core voice alive through the ancient wisdom and practice of chanting and by making this practice relevant and practical and integrating it for people living in every day reality. For 25 year in the UK Nikki has pioneered natural voice and chant across the board with corporations,business leaders,addiction treatment programs ,prisons ,yoga teaching seminars and the public at large.She has also been well received in California and Mexico City and Europe Nikki’s dream is to have a peak moment before she dies of being used as a vehicle to conduct the world in one rousing chant for global liberation and to be remembered of that.

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