City: Sarasota, Florida

Country: USA

Profession: Soul Advocate – Medium

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I chose to become a part of the Inspiration Bible project because I am here to serve others. However, it truly felt more like the project chose me. A calling, if you will, that I am deeply honored to fulfill as I walk by your side, during your journey. I wanted to help raise your vibration – connect you with the REAL YOU – offer up the truth that you are a perfect soul and share in this incredible experience that will have far reaching ripple effects, that I feel will have a profound impact on our consciousness, our lives as a whole – for we are all one.

Pamela Horton is a person who is living a life of peace & downright joy. She is a blessed woman, dedicated wife & mother, life enthusiast & healthy living expert who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work & her Master’s degree in Organizational Development. Pamela provides insight, resources and spiritual guidance, for your life’s journey. Pamela is an accomplished Certified Master Mentor Coach and transformational change leader who empowers others to overcome their limitations & reach their Divine potential with the help of her intuitive and mediumship abilities. Expanding possibilities and consciousness is a passion of Pamela’s and she teaches others just how to do so while living a balanced, blessed & abundant life.

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