City: Auckland

Country: New Zealand

Profession: Joyologist

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I was inspired by the vision Emily had for the book and saw an opportunity through mass collaboration to make an outreach to humanity and be a contribution in a way that I might not on my own. I loved the notion of giving away one book for each one sold, and trusted that the right people would contribute to the project to make it a lasting legacy!

A transformational Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Author, Pat has spent her entire life in the service of humanity. A Pioneer and Thoughtleader on the power of JOY as a transformational agent, she has delivered over 12,000 hours of presentations, including keynotes, workshops, seminars and lectures Pat has helped to change the lives of an astounding 100,000 people throughout Australasia.

Initially a Registered Nurse, after 16 years she created her own ad agency winning many awards including the NSW NorthwardsTourism Award, Media. She was President of National Speakers Association NZ and awarded many speaking awards including 2002 NZ Speaker of the Year.

She has toured internationally with Patch Adams and shared the platform live and online with world class speakers such as Jack Canfield, Dr John Demartini, Ed Tate, Annette King, Catherine Palin Brinkworth, George Manolis, Wayne Berry, Keith Abraham and Wayne Mansfield from Australia, Linda Miles, Lavonn Steiner from the USA and addressed Australias First International Humour and Wellness conference at Armidale University.

She says “Most people have all they need to be happy and fulfilled, but rarely capture the excitement, the engagement or the levels of self expression they deserve to have. Across the globe the emotional energy of the world is flatlining. My work is designed to improve the quality of peoples lives by bringing joy where it appears there is none”

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