City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: CEO

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: The Inspiration Bible project is a great idea that was worth supporting. Emily is a young entrepreneur that is not only a talented and passionate about writing, but has created a forum for like minded to to share in their inspirational stories. How can you not be a part of such great thinking and Innovation from a high spirited young entrepreneur. We’ll done and keep up the good work.

Peter was blessed at a very early age with the wisdom of living a purpose-driven life. His Vision of having a large close nit family and building a better world through business and social projects was clear from the outset and this has been his primary focus over the last 25 years. Peter is a Creator profile that was born a natural systems innovator and strategist.

His passion is innovation and the creation of Intellectual Property for the greater good and benefit of others. Thus, Peter has been involved in Franchising for over twenty five years and has created many business models and systems that are at the cutting edge of their industry with innovative differentiation. Peter has classified himself as the IP Man and has enjoyed the royalty rights to businesses that have earnt him in excess of seven figures per year. Peter is a Social Entrepreneur that loves people.

He initially studied Electronics Engineering and Software Development, however his keen desire to build enterprises and be in a people’s business, moved him to formalising his business Knowledge & Experience to get his “Masters in Business” degree. Peter’s high academic achievements have also earnt him a place in the “Golden Key International Honour Society”.

Peter has been called the perfect “CEO-IN-A-BOX” by his colleagues. Peter is the Licensor and Chairman of MailPost Australia Limited, allowing him time for further personal growth and pursuit of other opportunities. Peter loves to build businesses as an executive coach, investor and entrepreneur”.

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