City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Problem Solver, Author, Coach, Trainer, Marketer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I saw this project being in Complete Alignment with my highest values of being Inspirational and Making a Difference to others. The quickest way to learn is through stories, when we hear, or read stories about others, our subconscious minds relate and we can often see some part of ourselves and gain either an inspiration, or a valuable lesson within these stories. You may not see yourself in every story but I’m sure that out of 365 contributors there will be many that you can relate to.

Phil has a Commitment to Integrity and Has Been Delivering Inspirational Sessions to All His Clients for Over a Decade Phil grew up in an outer suburb of Melbourne, drove trucks and worked within the sales area of the transport industry for most of his life. He was on the verge of second divorce, and being broke for a third time when he stopped playing the blame game, and discovered a complete new view of life. He learned about human behaviour as much as he could, starting with his own, then training and coaching others to have an extraordinary life without limits. With over a decade of training experience, Phil Pollard has an insightful understanding and a sincere interest in human nature. Phil is a commanding life coach who knows what it takes to make people excel and achieve their goals in any area of life. Phil is a fully qualified trainer and coach in the area of Personal Breakthroughs and Neuro Associative Conditioning. With a Certificate in Training and Assessment and a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, Phil is committed to integrity while revealing seemingly invisible barriers in his clients, and then giving them the skills to move past those barriers and into their own powerful future. He is known to understand what makes people excel and win.

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