City: St Leonards

Country: Australia

Profession: Health & Healing Coach, Counsellor & Public Speaker

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I have a loving of aiding people create changes in their lives. When I heard about the `Inspiration Bible Project'; having gone through the pains, trials and tribulations of my past; mainly depression; I realised I had a vehicle to pass on my story and to aid people in finding a better way of living and to get out of the pain and torment they are going through day to day.

My MISSION is to INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE you to clear pain, hurt and doubt and have you lead a more fulfilling life through a series of structured steps.

Life is too short to hang onto pain and hurt all your life and have it control your life and your `destiny’.

Many people use words like `I can’t,’ `I’m not good enough,’ `I can never do that’, etc based on their past memories and people telling them things that now may not be true for you.


What gets me going every day is to aid people like yourself in FINDING YOUR SHADOW-SELF, to honour and BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD and to CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS. Also in making you realise just how worthwhile your life is.

My work is done via Skype or FaceTime, in person or via workshops. I have studied many forms of healing arts, Psychotherapy techniques, Hypnotherapy and NLP (to Master level), Trauma and Depression strategies (having lived through both of these) and numerous other techniques both here in Australia, Hawaii, Vancouver and other locations. Cessions can be done both during business hours or after hours via appointment Monday to Friday and sometimes on Weekends

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