City: Hobart

Country: Australia

Profession: Curiosity Builder

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Since 2011 I have written a weekly blog titled ‘One Page Wonders’ which is an inspirational story from my perspective on a range of things as I see them. My readers comment on how good it is to get a weekly dose of positivity in a challenging world. Emily’s vision for ‘The Inspirational Bible’ is an amazing concept where 365 such stories of personal inspiration will be shared with World. How could I not want to part of this.

Great leadership inspires people to a cause greater than themselves. It creates natural energy and enthusiasm where people from all walks of life form a bond like “A Community”. Within that bond all things are possible and achievable. Within this community ethic lies the secret to all leadership and motivation assets required to build a fantastic culture. Once you have your culture belief right everything flows powerfully onwards. I have created a specific “Dream, Create, Inspire Workshop’ to generate that energy to gain outstanding results. I come from an extensive Female high level Sports coaching background and then naturally progressed to Life Coaching through thorough Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training. As well during a 20 year Sales Rep career, I developed methods that are very outcome focused, and beneficial for generating great results. My business is called ‘The Curiosity Builder’ because only by being curious are you able to achieve whatever you desire, because it breaks down the limits that we place on ourselves. Key areas of expertise Mindset Coaching–ideal for Sports or Business as it helps visualise the outcomes desired and breaks down obstacles that stand in the way. Sales Coaching–teaching benefits of over 20 years as a Sales Rep. Leadership Coaching–showing the skills required to create a fantastic culture within whatever type of organisation you are part of. Creating the culture, inspires and engages people from all walks of life and the results are outstanding.

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