City: Hove

Country: England

Profession: Meditation teacher, Truth and Wisdom Coach & Entreupreneur.

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Crooked are the ways of geniuses and the power that a shared life story can have in the world is undeniable, especially when its a story coming from people who have know real adversity and have found hope in the darkest of moments, or stories from people whose lives where changed in an instant through an event, encounter or a simple yet life changing realisation. This is what this book is about and im excited to see the effect is going to have on all of us reading it!

From a very young age Samaya was thrown into a very deep and adventurous journey in search of meaning, growth and discovery. Through her own experiences she learned to pave her own path and live by her own rules and is now helping others live their life with depth, heart and true authenticity. She does that through her music, private journeys with her clients, her blogs, video tips, as well as through her brilliantly practical

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