City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Author, Photographer & Speaker

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Imagine yourself having grown up and living life seemingly fulfilled until one day you wake up and you realize that you’re not happy, you’re not fulfilled, you’re not living the kind of life that brings you joy and it hits you hard in the face leaving you wondering what happened. That what happened to me. I made it a mission of mine from that day onwards to make a real change from within. I found out I needed to bring balance to my life not only being in service to others but also to myself. There were hidden gems inside of me ready to be out in the open. I am fulfilling and expressing those parts of me fully now. I am ready to share this with the rest of the world!

Sandhya Porritt is a woman who dares to challenge herself to stepping past her comfort zone and embracing life. She is a creation artist; a multi award winning photographer, an international award winning poet and an inspiring speaker. Sandhya is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who brings her expertise of over 20 years in various industries such as natural health, personal training, Rei Ki teacher, counseling and kinesiology to name a few, to help make positive changes in other peoples lives. She creates her own workshops, coaches people one on one and in groups and speaks at events. Photography is one of Sandhya’s passion and she embraces her creativity to bring beauty into peoples lives and also to capture creativity self expression in other people. As an Author, Sandhya aspires to inspire and motivate people to embracing their creative self expression and designs workshops to assist them in self exploration. Currently Sandhya lives with her husband, two children, a dog and four chickens in Melbourne. She is open to living with her family in Paris. (Yes, she is a romantic being at heart!)

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