City: Hobart, Tasmania

Country: Australia

Profession: Senior Parenting Consultant

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I love seeing other people grow, and glow when they realise how amazing they are, and how capable they are. Sometimes they do so, when they see someone else ‘shine’. I was told that my journey through breast cancer inspired many people, and so I felt that by sharing my story I may help others, who also face adversity, to ‘shine’ in their beauty!

Sonja has worked with over 500 families, assisting them with child development information, helping them manage the issues which can come up in parenting, strengthening their bonds with their children and all in a relaxed, fun environment. She has a strengths based approach, believing that parents are the best teachers for their children, and that her role is to support them with additional information, and acknowledgement & praise for the great job they do. She makes parenting easier and fun! As a teacher in NSW, Sonja taught across many sectors – in the classroom, and as a Special Education teacher, a Behavioural specialist, a Field Sudies officer, and working with Gifted and Talented Children. Whilst living in country NSW, she started a playgroup for isolated rural families, and also established the Far South Coast branch of the NSW Gifted and Talented Children Association. In 2009 Sonja found out she had breast cancer, and began a roller coaster ride of treatment, over a 20 month period. During this time, she found the internal strength to not only endure the harsh treatment regime, but to thrive and shine – inspiring others. In the midst of chemo she started studying to be a Life Coach. She believes that her positive attitude and strategies for coping got her through it all. Sonja now lives in Tasmania and runs the successful business, The Parenting Café, and De-Stress & Refresh Women’s Retreats.

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