City: Dallas, Texas

Country: United States of America

Profession: Artist & Ezechiel Method Trainer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I feel every person has a Hollywood blockbuster story within their own life. A story so amazing, it’s hard to believe it’s real. Most people hide this part of themselves. But the story is real and other people want and need to hear it. Sharing our stories helps us cope, connect, and find meaning and fulfillment. Our stories inspire! When I tell my story, people are surprised at my patience, persistence, and serenity. I wish to share how I achieved my calm in a world of chaos and inspire others to do the same.

Stephanie Fleishman is often described as an inspiration of relaxed patience by those who hear her stories of personal struggle. She is a US Army veteran, Mortgage Quality Control Auditor, Ezechiel Method Trainer, mother, and artist. She’s experienced single parenthood, the drug addiction of immediate family, the brutal murder of a loved one, adultery and divorce. She will easily tell you about one of her most inspiring and patriotic moments that occurred after she was granted permission to enter the heavily guarded 2k demilitarized zone of Soviet Czechoslovakia. “When I saw the way life was lived behind the cement wall, barbed wire, machine guns, attack dogs, and guards, I was so grateful to have been born in a place without oppression. I realized that I was lucky and had been living a life of privilege without even knowing it. It was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and patriotism. My ultimate desire is to share this feeling of gracious freedom with others and to make the world a more beautiful place.”