Age: 60

City: Melbourne

Country: Australia

Profession: Mindset Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: To inspire people beyond grief. As a father who lost a son a month before his 15th birthday, I wanted to let people know that their is still joy to be found after the death of a loved one. It can take some time, but if you want it to happen you can have the joy of living back in your life again. :)

I’m a Mind Set Coach that specializes in helping people “Turn their Life Crisis into life Opportunities Many of my clients: * Fear being stuck in an old mindset or routine that could consume the rest of their life. * Are feeling unfulfilled in many personal and business relationships. * Are looking for deeper meaning, purpose and direction in their lives When they work with me: 1. They get Valuable New Insights into their key areas of concern. 2. They get a proven process that will help them discover what purpose & directions will make them most happy (in the years ahead). 3. They get the strategies, tools and support to make it all happen. People tell me they are comfortable working with me because: * I’m a nationally accredited and experienced Professional Life Coach with more than 20 years experience in coaching people in one capacity or another. * I’ve lived, experienced & dealt with the many challenges that life & the business world has to offer, and I’m now using that experience to help other people transform their lives * People see that I walk the talk, and have a track record of getting great results for hundreds of individuals and business clients in many parts of the world. I love what I do because, helping an individual discover their true life’s purpose, is one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve encountered.

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