City: Adelaide

Country: Australia

Profession: Video Message Wizard

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: To be part of an inspirational collective project that causes a ripple effect of change that can inspire people to grow and expand. This is my way of contributing knowledge I learnt from my life, and sharing wisdom with people who land on my page.

Sue-Ellen understands people and helps her clients dive into their own knowledge, wisdom and insight. She captures people’s messages with calmness, courage and clarity. Allowing their authentic message to touch the hearts of viewers. Sue-Ellen’s inspirational video coaching style is a unique blend of “practicality with heart”. The words will flow off your tongue and be captured on video. There are no limits to what they can achieve, where freedom, passion and inspiration flow naturally. However life wasn’t always lived with inspiration and flow, in fact Sue-Ellen understands that life brings many challenges, and she has experienced this herself. She has overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic pain and worked in harsh conditions in construction as a welder in outback Australia. She believes that all of these factors have shaped her and have given her the insights, strength and courage to help others unleash their own power within. All of these experiences have helped her understand what it takes to overcome what can seem to be insurmountable obstacles. As Sue-Ellen says “Its not what happens to you that matters, its how you handle it. The one thing we all have control of in any situation is our attitude, so use it to your advantage” She loves connecting with people and assists them to shine their unique light and ignite their inner spark, by changing lives through video.

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