Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: Having overcome many challenges and life-changing situations, and with a high value on not only education but also travel worldwide, I’ve had a burning desire to inspire and help as many others as possible to evolve through their own adverse situations, to let them know it IS possible no matter what their background, their financial situation, what they may have been told in thier childhood or what they may presently be going through. What I DIDN’T want you to know was I grew up on a council estate in the UK with no central heating, we had no car, no phone, and yet thanks to that, and thanks to the darkest moments of my childhood, it led me to who I am today – a woman who has lived and worked in various countries worldwide, and who continues to inspire women, men, and young adults, globally, that they too can transform their lives! This is why I became part of the Inspiration Bibl Project – to give others that sense of hope, to inspire them, to uplift humanity, when they can perhaps only see darkness at the moment. You CAN change your life and you ARE worthy of love and all the abundance the universe has to offer.

Susan Dellanzo is an International Relationship, Health and Lifestyle Consultant dedicated to empowering and making a qualitative difference in the lives of people globally. Also a Speaker and Author, Susan works with clients imparting a depth of knowledge and skills in how to overcome adversity, reduce stress, resolve conflict, improve relationships; as well as optimising physical health, vitality and mental wellbeing. Born and raised in the UK, Susan is a truly global woman. Having lived and worked in various countries worldwide and speaking several languages, she has an incredible ability to understand and relate to people from all cultures and backgrounds. With a lifelong interest in wellbeing and the mind-body connection, Susan is trained and certified by top international coaches. Her inspiration for Universal Laws, emotions and human behaviour has seen her coach people from all over the world. The first Certified Demartini Method™ Facilitator in Switzerland, Susan assists clients to raise the quality of their lives by evolving through their challenges, reducing stress levels, understanding and improving relationships (personal/business) and by optimising health awareness. With her intuition, wisdom, extensive experience, and having personally gone through numerous life-changing situations, Susan inspires women (and men) to empower themselves and to lead purposeful and magnificent lives. She lives between the UK and Switzerland, is often invited to travel globally to work with her clients one-on-one, in private and/or corporate workshops, online via skype, or through her VIP Intensive Days or Mentorship-Coaching Programmes.

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