City: Perth

Country: Australia

Profession: Human Behavioural Coach & Speaker

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: To think that this book is designed to support people in need of inspiration, is not something I’d turn my head away from. Living my life to the fullest and supporting others to do the same is of upmost importance to me. I wonder what you the reader will hold dear to you, share with others and take on board as important to you in your life because of this book? I’m very honoured to be a part of this project!

When supporting others to create more freedom, clarity, drive and success in their lives, Suzanne Waldron is at her happiest. In fact she describes when being with others in this capacity she is indeed being the best version of herself. Whilst Suzanne knows her human behavioural change qualifications are important, it’s the life lessons she’s learned along the way that really qualifies her. Having had a difficult life for many of her earlier years such as living with a foster family, leaving home at 15 years old, being homeless and having many difficult experiences through her teens and 20’s – it’s these experiences and lessons that inspired Suzanne to find the peace, happiness and success that she enjoys today. She truly believes anything is possible. Learning to believe in yourself, understand you always have a choice and acting with kindness are the key ingredients to propel you towards anything you desire. “These 3 areas of self development enable a shift, a platform in which when mastered, everything else is possible.” Originally from the UK, now living in Western Australia with her husband of 18 years. She relishes in exploring cultures around the world, learning about and creating new and exciting opportunities in her business. Writing, coaching and speaking, she travels and reaches more people with her messages than ever before.

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