City: Gold Coast

Country: Australia

Profession: Editor at Sage Magazine, Meditation Facilitator, co-producer at Soul Traveller Radio, Heartfelt Intuitive Life Coach

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I love to support any project that deepens our connection to community and contributes to the ‘Global Glow’, illuminating the brilliance and beauty of all Soul Travellers, willing to walk a path of powerful intention for love, compassion, awareness and peace on this magnificent planet that we are truly blessed to inhabit.

Tanya Allison is a guided meditation teacher and editor of the highly successful online publication Sage Magazine – Wisdom for the Soul Traveller. As a strong advocate for ‘meditation is medicine for the mind’, Tanya facilitates guided meditation groups, where it is her deepest desire to be of service and to empower and inspire others to love the life they live, fully present in a space where we all celebrate our life as a journey and not a destination and where we live our spirit in the realms of infinite possibility and joy. This passion to help all people feel connected to their intuitive knowingness was the guiding force behind Soul Traveller Radio, where Tanya co-produces with her partner Shayne Locke, ‘all conscious music all of the time’. More recently Tanya released her first guided meditation cd “Tanya Allison Soul Traveller Meditations” featuring music by Simrit, Rick Batyr and Sika. It is Tanya’s heartfelt intention to have everyone “shine brightly”, radiating love, warmth and compassion, and contributing to the illumination of this breath-taking planet together!

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