City: Toowoomba

Country: Australia

Profession: The Love Diviner; Author, Coach, Speaker

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: ‘You are loved – Let us count the ways’ illustrates how expansive LOVE is and already present in our lives or evident in our past, acknowledging it creates a ‘shift’ in our beliefs, helps us feel loved, and raises our life energy to unconditional love. Not feeling ‘worthy of love,’ according to Oprah Winfrey, is the common thread which breeds issues from infidelity to addictions, feeling worthless, lacking purpose. Knowing our lessons of ‘unloving experiences’, allows healing to take place in our hearts and soul, compelling us to think and act in ways that create the future we truly want.

Professional experience & accreditation:- – One of 22 world relationship experts including Arielle Ford of Soul Mate secrets in the ‘Create your own Luck in Love’ tele-summit – Founder of Love from Inside Out – dispensing content, coaching and workshops for success in love and life – ‘The Love Doctor’ for The Toowoomba Chronicle as – Author: ‘How to be a HOT date’ – ‘The authentic formula to ‘Dazzle in the Singles Mingle’ even if you’ve never felt HOT before! – Master Practitioner and Accredited Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming – Academy of Wealth & Achievement – Christopher Howard – Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy – as above – Results Acceleration Master Coach & Performance Consultant – as above Advanced Practitioner of Energy Alignment – BMS Fusion – Douglas Peacock Advanced Practitioner of Heart Resonance Energy – Pathway to Harmony Centre – Trevor Gollagher Graduate of the Fast Track Training – Master Results, Performance Revolution, Design your Destiny, Billionaire Bootcamp, Presentation & Platform Skills – Academy of Wealth & Achievement Student of: Personal Power – Anthony Robbins, Expert Academy – Brendon Burchard, You can Heal your Life – Louise Hay, What I Wish I Had Learned At School – Jamie McIntyre, Financial Freedom – Nik Halik, Stock Course – Lyn Summers/Joey Blankenship and others. Personal experience: -Polynesian traditions, healing and the mindset of a warrior is in my DNA -Overcome much loss and heartache in love and life – techniques which have been encapsulated in my practice.

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