City: Sydney

Country: Australia

Profession: Hospitality shopfitting – Construction

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I met Emily at a John DeMartini course called the Prophecy. We instantly hit it off as we both shared many similar beliefs and a friendship was forged. When I found about the Inspiration Bible I was very impressed at the creativity of the project but was also inspired to be a part of this unique community. It was a very interesting process in that it had me get present to my own personal journey throughout my life. I got to acknowledge how all the turns and twists over the last 44 years had fundamentally contributed to who I am today and what I can and already have offered to the world. Sharing this with ours was a gift to good to refuse.

Tim Lassig is a self confessed serial entrepreneur. Tim has been involved in the Hospitality Industry since 1989 when he undertook a Traineeship in Townsville, Queensland. Having been involved in the hospitality industry for 25 years Tim has a deep love for the unequalled joys of amazing food and beverages.

Tim has been involved as a Hospitality entrepreneur since 1994 and his passion for service and quality has been a cornerstone of all his business undertakings to date. With businesses ranging from Private Catering, Party promotion, DJing, Corporate Event Management, Corporate Catering, a la carte Restaurant and Hospitality Shopfitting Tim has seen many interesting facets of the Hospitality industry.

Currently Tim is a director of a young and furiously growing Hospitality Shopfitting company called Hospitality Fitout Specialists. With future plans to combine all the aspects of his multi faceted career to crystallize into a franchise style Hospitality model Tim is very inspired by the future opportunities the Hospitality industry holds. Through his career Tim has also grown a passion for uncovering the secrets of personal success and in the year 2000 turned his life around from a dangerously addicted lifestyle when he undertook to do the Landmark Forum.

Today Tim has been fortunate enough to be mentored by many amazing leaders and has appreciated the chance to mentor others as they face their own turning points. With personal development and business development inextricably linked Tim is looking forward to the never ending journey of learning, growing and helping others do the same.

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