City: Coopers Plains

Country: Australia

Profession: Editor & Writer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I feel everyone has a right to access as many perspectives of life as possible in order to make informed decisions on what is right for them. Words have the power to educate, empower, enlighten and uplift. They can also deceive, disunite, confuse and even start wars. There’s enough of that in the world. The Inspiration Bible has given voice to 365 everyday, positive voices. I am confident Emily Gower has brought forth a book that can touch many people’s lives. I feel proud that this is my first professional publishing of my own words. This project has provided a safe, gentle way for me to express a little of ‘my truth’ and life for the first time. It’s exciting. It’s nerve racking. What a blessing, though, as now I know a little of what my own author clients go through.

Wendy Millgate is an Editor, Writer and Eclectic Explorer of Life who has a playful sense of humour and a heart of gold. Her loves are words, her children and community. Wendy was lucky to live and work in various countries as a Personal Assistant, English Tutor and Assistant Marketing Manager in industries from education to health foods and the not-for-profit sector. Her life experiences have given her a great appreciation for various views of life and a belief that people deserve full access to a broad range of information, to make informed choices. This driver, combined with her love for the written word and her prowess as a punctuation princess, led her to establish her own editing business in 2009. Wendy’s style of editing is not only detailed but creative and empathetic. She has an uncanny knack to ‘get inside an author’s head’ and connect with them. She loves bringing each author under her wings and supporting them to bring their message out to the world. She’s known as a ‘mother hen’ and ‘urban hippy’. Wendy is on a personal eclectic journey of discovery to create her own blanket of ‘truths’ from the threads she finds on the way, to nurture herself, her family and community. She lives in Brisbane, Australia, and has two sons, Alex and Micah, and a daughter, Emily – her greatest gifts. Wendy holds a Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading and Editing) and is the founder of Wendy & Words (Editing & Writing Services).

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