City: Adelaide

Country: Australia

Profession: Environmental Scientist / Officer

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: I believe the ‘Inspiration Bible’ is a very noble project and it authentically resonates with my vision and mission in life. Hence supporting and promoting this noble project was in complete alignment with my calling. Thank you Emily for allowing me to be part of this amazing project. With infinite love, peace and gratitude – Willbur

Willbur Glenn Colaco is the founder and CEO of The Universal Laws Pty Ltd and is passionate about transforming people’s lives in terms of health, wealth and relationships, through the application of the ‘Universal Laws’ & ‘Rudraksha’ Science. Willbur is an international speaker who educates his audiences on principles shared between science and spirituality and enables them to apply those same principles to enrich their lives right away through the application of the ‘Universal Laws’ & ‘Rudraksha’ Science. Willbur is a former Environmental Scientist who holds two Australian post graduate degrees including a Masters of Environmental Management (Flinders University, Adelaide).

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