Age: 27

City: Townsville

Country: Australia

Profession: Director at M.I.A Sprotswear

Why did you become a part of Inspiration Bible: My name is Will Engelbrecht and this is a snippet of my story; As the director of M.I.A sportswear in Australia I have had to learn a few invaluable lesions at a young age in business and I see it as a privilege to share some of them with you. First of all, don’t wait for the second chances to around. When you come across a concept or an idea that can turn into reality, grab it because it won’t be there forever. Being able to see opportunities when they come along is a valuable skill but even those who do often fail to fight for their dreams because they think it’s never going to happen. We keep thinking success is the guy in the Ferrari – when in reality that is only the product of success! True success starts in the mind! Secondly, Life is a series of choices, when you boil everything down you either choose to win or to lose. Believing it’s possible even when no one else does and having the determination to wake up every morning and rededicate yourself to a cause much larger than yourself, THAT IS SUCCESS! Finally, stumbling blocks or as I’d like to call them, stepping stones ARE GOING TO HAPPEN. Once again you have two choices, either this trial will build you and your envisioned future or you’ll undergo an unpleasant learning experience which you will just have to try again at a later stage as life’s lesions tend to keep coming back until you conquer them. The future gets brighter with every step. I hope that in this very brief insight into my life has encouraged you in some small way. I leave you with my life motto; “Rise and Rise again, Until Lambs become Lions”.