It’s time to meet the Contributors to the Inspiration Bible!

All of the Contributors to the Inspiration Bible are extraordinary in their own right. Many of the stories from their lives will touch and move inspire you and, the wisdom, grace and power shared in every submission will inspire you.
Browse their many profiles below – all 365 – and reach out to connect with each one.

Dr. Marcia Becherel

Page 18

Dr. Olivier J. Becherel

Page 19

Claudia Carmen Anton

Page 42

Kameron Sergi-Kleut

Page 47

Elizabeth Amos Sayer

Page 88

Rachael Claire Heart

Page 92

Joanne van Ravenswaaij

Page 98

Lisa-Maree Botticelli

Page 100

Anfernee Chansamooth

Page 111

Bruce Conrad Williams

Page 118

Margaret Ioannidis

Page 121

Stephanie Fleishman

Page 142

Bianca Madison-Vuleta

Page 145

Samaya Teja Adelin

Page 148

KramMangus Robinson-Wolrath

Page 157

Samuel Kanaan-Oringo

Page 164

Zinnia Oringo-Hantos

Page 165

Chris Georgopoulos

Page 175

Wandna Suri Tucker

Page 181

Willem Engelbrecht

Page 186

Desiree Marie Leedo

Page 187

Kimberley Bennetta

Page 194

Dale John William Peck

Page 198

Kerri Ann Nicholls

Page 238

Angel Goodson-Adams

Page 242

Bridget Jane Thompson

Page 243

Shelley J Whitehead

Page 287

Willbur Glenn Colaco

Page 290

Keith Blakemore-Noble

Page 299

Alexandra Brinsmade-Smith

Page 323

Claire Camden-Burch

Page 343

Constance Fairleight

Page 344