Emily Gowor is a published author, writer, professional speaker, and entrepreneur who is devoted to bringing books and inspiration to the world. As the Founder of Gowor International Publishing (GIP) – an Australian-based company devoted to delivering training and publishing services to aspiring writers – Emily is the author of several books and creator of the Inspiration Bible project.

Harnessing her love of writing and human potential at an early age, Emily has built a profound, thriving career as an international icon for writing and human potential. At 26, Emily is now the author of five books – The Book Within You, The Inspirational Messenger, The Unlikely Entrepreneur, Transformational Leaders and The Lie (co-authored with Mike Handcock) – with many more in the works, as well as a long line of content including a multiple award-winning blog, Life Travels in 2010 and 2011 which attracted thousands of readers. Creating opportunities to work with highly influential leaders, Emily was an editor on Dr. John Demartini’s international best-selling book Inspired Destiny – Living a Fulfilling & Purposeful Life in 2009, and has also worked closely with Roger Hamilton, creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, among others.

Driven to achieve extraordinary outcomes and produce her greatest creation on Earth, Emily founded GIP to blend her background in writing together with her love of coaching authors and publish life-changing books. With a team who produce results her authors are proud of, Emily has a long-term vision for her contribution to the book writing and publishing industry. As a winner of the 2012 and 2014 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Award, Emily has been featured on a number of radio shows and webinars including Think Big Business radio, The Mary Jones Show, You Have a Billionaire Mind and Inner Guide Healing. In early 2012, Emily was featured in the book Young Entrepreneur World: How 25 Teen-trepreneurs Succeeded and Left World Leaders Scratching Their Heads.

 “Ever since I was 16 years old, I have wanted to help people to live a meaningful life,” said Emily, “It didn’t (and still doesn’t) make sense to me that people should go to sleep at night hurting inside because they’re not doing what they love. My mission through my businesses, writing, speaking and philanthropic projects is to ensure the world has the inspiration it needs so that other people can also achieve their greatest dreams.”

A true writer at heart, Emily’s devotion to her calling of inspiring millions of people worldwide gave rise to the innovation of a global philanthropic movement: the Inspiration Bible project. In 2014, Emily enrolled 365 authors from over 15 countries globally to write one page in a book– bringing together a truly extraordinary work of life-changing stories and messages of wisdom. Upon its release in November 2014, Emily will be donating every second book sold to someone in need of inspiration while simultaneously turning 365 people into authors. Having already made a significant difference in the lives of many around the world before the age of 30, Emily finds continual inspiration in the divine order of the universe: her deepest inspiration for continuing to bring her brilliance in book writing and love for humanity to the forefront into all she does